• PhD in Robotics and Vision, 2019

    Barcelona Tech - IRI (CSIC-UPC)

  • MSc in Robotics, Control and Vision, 2014

    Barcelona Tech (UPC)

  • BSc in Telecommunication Eng., 2010

    Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM)

Skills & Interests

  • Problem Solver
  • Inventor
  • Creative
  • Team Leader
  • Resilience
  • Deep Learning
  • Robotics
  • Human Machine Interaction
  • Computer Vision
  • Negotiation
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • C++
  • Git

Latest News

  • March 2020 I am actively looking for job to gather more industry experience.
    Contact me for possible offers!

  • February 2020: I got Cum Laude on my PhD!
    → Check out my thesis defense slides here!
    → Full thesis document here!

  • January 2020 I will assist teaching some Zero To Deep Learning bootcamps.
    I volunteer this to consolidate my Machine Learning and teaching skills. ;)

  • January 2020 Journal accepted in T-ITS, soon to appear!

  • January 2020 We will organize a new workshop on ITSC 2020
    Collaborative Perception & Federated ML for AD (CoFED-DLAD)

  • June 2019 I’ll be doing a 6 months internship in the Machine Learning team at
    Toyota Research Institute in California (USA)

Technical Experience

January 2020 – June 2020
San Francisco (USA)

Deep Learning Teaching Assistance Volunteer (online)

Zero To Deep Learning

I volunteer and help on teaching an intensive bootcamp about machine learning from simple regression and classification problems to complex deep learning networks.
My objective was to consolidate my Machine Learning skills by teaching and solving questions while helping on the development of the course. By teaching complex concepts that fastly learned during my PhD, I was able to gather a better understanding as well as get to know new frameworks and ways to work.

  • Scikit learn, Pandas, Keras, Jupyter Notebooks
  • Public speaking skills
  • Concept consolidation
  • Business knowledge
June 2019 – December 2019
California (USA)

Research Intern

Toyota Research Institute

I was an intern on the Machine Learning team.
My main task was to develop Deep Learning-based 3D object detection algorithms using point clouds extracted from RGB images.

  • 5 patents submitted
  • Pytorch development of complex Deep Convolutional Networks
  • Point cloud manipulation and Computer Vision
  • Contribution to large scale projects on github
April 2018 – July 2018
Kronach (Germany)

Research Intern


I was part of the Driving Assistance Research team.
I proposed and lead my research project developing new Deep Learning algorithms for vehicle detection using LiDAR, with the final aim of improving map re-localization. It included the features definition of a new dataset and its capture.
I led the outcome to an international publication on a top transportation conference.

  • 2 patents filled
  • Project idea, definition and execution
  • Dataset needs definition and capture
  • Proactive and team-building
June 2013 – February 2020
Barcelona (Spain)

Researcher, Ph.D


I started collaborating with the Institut of Robotics and Informatics (IRI) during my Masters and finished with my PhD accomplished. During this time I participated in different European projects, such as ARCAS where I developed a feature to interactively redefine trajectories for aerial vehicles, or CARGO-Ants, where I designed and implemented algorithms for vehicle detection using low-resolution LiDAR data.

  • Project integrations in Volvo Trucks (Sweeden) and LAAS (France)
  • Multi-task, proactivity and adaptability
  • Multiple Projects support
September 2009 – March 2012
Madrid (Spain)

Support Engineer, BSc


I joined the HCTLab to perform my BSc final project, where I designed, developed and controlled a robotic hand to perform fingerspelling (video) In this project I totally lead all the steps, from choosing materials, buying, design, build, solder electronic component and control. After it, I took a lab support position where I collaborated in different projects, from micro-radio emitters to networks of ultrasound sensors for indoor localization.

  • Anatomy study and 3D design
  • Materials research and buying
  • PCB design and soldering
  • Microcontrollers election and programming
  • Human-Machine Interaction and experimentation
  • Multiple Projects support

Management Experience

May 2018 – October 2020


Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving Workshops

I co-organized, along several international colleagues from industry and academia, different workshops on top transportation conferences focusing on Deep Learning technologies applied to solve various Autonomous Driving problems.

  • 3D-DLAD v2: 3D-Deep Learning for Automated Driving - v2.
    Las Vegas (USA), To happen, October 2020 (IV’20)
  • CoFED-DLAD: Collaborative Perception & Federated ML for AD.
    Rhodes (Greece), To happen, September 20th 2020 (ITSC’20)
  • DLAD-BP: Deep Learning for Automated Driving, Beyond Perception
    Auckland (New Zeland), October 27th 2019 (ITSC’19)
  • 3D-DLAD: 3D-Deep Learning for Automated Driving.
    Paris (France), June 9th 2019 (IV’19)
July 2017 – November 2019
Barcelona (Spain)

PhD Students Representative


I was elected as PhD students representative for the Institute’s managing board. I collected students concerns and proposed actions to the board. A great success was to acknowledge tuition status of the PhD candidates and move the board towards stabilise the different situations. I also led the organization of the Institute events.
July 2011 – January 2012
Sydney (Australia)

Office Administrator

Sydney Lodges

I worked as an office administrator in two of the busiest hotels in Sydney, Australia. In a front desk position, I worked on my client understanding skills, coordinated work teams inside the hotel and managed reservations. This position gave me broader perspectives on fast thinking out of the box to solve daily and/or critical situations.
January 2010 – June 2011
Madrid (Spain)

Founder & President

Association ‘Centro y Cultura’ UAM

I gathered and lead a team for founding the delegation in the Autonomous University of Madrid of the spanish ‘Centro y Cultura’ association for universities. The main objective was to create and deliver courses on soft skills to university students, such as public speaking and negotiation.
I dealt with professors and administrative staff to fulfill the requirements and to find common benefits both for the university and our association.

Recent Publications

More Publications

We propose the use of a deep learning architecture to segment movable objects from 3D LiDAR point clouds in order to obtain longer-lasting 3D maps. This allows for better, faster and more accurate …
In ITSC, 2019

We propose a novel approach to estimate dense optical flow from sparse lidar data acquired on an autonomous vehicle. This is intended to be used as a drop-in replacement of any image-based optical …
In ICPR, 2018

We propose a novel solution to understand the dynamics of moving vehicles of the scene from only lidar information. The main challenge of this problem stems from the fact that we need to disambiguate …
In ICRA, 2018

We introduce a novel CNN-based vehicle detector on 3D range data. The proposed model is fed with an encoded representation of the point cloud and computes the probability for each 3D point of …
In ECMR, 2017

We propose a novel representation for dense pixel-wise estimation tasks using CNNs that boosts accuracy and reduces training time, by explicitly exploiting joint coarse-and-fine reasoning. The coarse …
In ICIP, 2017



Robot-Human collaboration for packet transportation in urban areas.


Rethinking robotics for the robot companion of the future.


Cargo handling by Automated Next generation Transportation Systems for ports and terminals.


Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly System. Aeroarms project continuation